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  • Games from The Netherlands 1908, courtesy of René Olthof

    We are happy to publish some 43 games and fragments from Lasker’s exhibitions in The Netherlands in 1908, courtesy of and with annotations by René Olthof. One of many spectacular findings by Olthof concerns the following ending from Pierre Henri Baudet’s first encounter with Emanuel Lasker. Only seventeen at the time and Lasker’s junior by […]

  • The “Complete” Simuls of Emanuel Lasker

    Today the list of simultaneous exhibitions by Lasker, for the first time with thorough sourcing, has been “completed,” i.e. the overview has reached the last year of his life. It is in the nature of such an endeavor that we will never know when the list is truly “complete.” Some statistics of the current snapshot: […]

  • Lasker’s Epic 1908 Tour

    Our comprehensive list of Lasker exhibitions keeps growing and we have just reached the year 1909. The latest update also contains the most thorough overview so far of Lasker’s almost non-stop exhibition tour from January to June 1908: It started with 64 exhibitions in the United Kingdom, followed by another twenty or so on the […]

  • Lasker’s Simuls

    In his Collected Games of Emanuel Lasker (1998), Ken Whyld gave a list of nearly 550 simultaneous exhibitions by Lasker. Unfortunately, the format did not include any sources for the individual performances, and since then more than a hundred additional such events have been discovered. We have started publishing an updated and documented version of […]