Books and Booklets on Emanuel Lasker

Below follows a chronological list of works devoted largely or entirely to Emanuel Lasker. The list also includes relevant match books, but not tournament books.

Note that books by Lasker are not included here. For an extensive bibliography of his own writings up to 2020, see the chapter by Egbert Meissenburg in Emanuel Lasker, vol. III.

1894. Bird, Henry. Steinitz & Lasker Match with Comments, Review and General Notes. London: George Bell & Sons. English, 39 pages. [WorldCat] [Online Version]
All games of the match, with a brief introduction and short notes on games one and two.

1894. Cunningham, James Gavin (ed.). The Games in the Steinitz – Lasker Championship Match. Leeds: Whitehead and Miller. English, 80 pages. [WorldCat] [Online Version]
With biographical sketches of the two players, a summary and all games of the match. Game annotations “by Messrs. Gunsberg, Hoffer, Lasker, Mason, Pollock, and others.”

1897. Márquez Sterling, Manuel. Emanuel Lasker. Una Partida con A.B. Hodges. El Ajedrez en Mexico. México: Libreria Madrileña, de J. Buxó y Comp. Spanish, 32 pages. [WorldCat] [Online Version]
Pages 5–17: portrait of Lasker by Numa Preti, followed by two pages of additional notes, presumably by Márquez Sterling. The rest of the booklet (including a Sterling-Hodges game) is not related to Lasker.

1907. Tarrasch, Siegbert. Der Schachwettkampf Lasker–Marshall im Frühjahr 1907. Leipzig: Verlag von Veit & Comp. German, 54 pages. Reprinted in 1988 in Marshall-Wettkämpfe 1905-1908 (Edition Olms, Zurich) and in 2021 by De Gruyter, Berlin/Boston. [WorldCat]
Brief introduction and detailed analysis of all fifteen match games plus a four-page conclusion by Tarrasch.

1908. Hoffer, Leopold. The Championship Match: Lasker v. Tarrasch. London: E.A. Michell. English, 42 pages. Volume 2 of “The Series of First Class Games.” Reprinted in Hoffer, Four Famous Matches (E.A. Michell, London, 1911). [WorldCat] [Online Version]
An account of the genesis of the match, brief portrait of the two players, and all games annotated, presumably by Hoffer himself, who showed himself disappointed by their quality.

1908. Howell, Clarence Seaman; Smith, Magnus; Napier, William Ewart. Match for the Championship of the World between Dr. Emanuel Lasker and Dr. Siegbert Tarrasch, Played August-September 1908. Brooklyn, N.Y.: The Chess Weekly. English, 32 pages. [WorldCat]
Introduction, all games with annotations and “Dr. E. Lasker. A Personal Impression” by C.S. Howell.

1908. Tarrasch, Siegbert. Der Schachwettkampf Lasker–Tarrasch um die Weltmeisterschaft im August-September 1908. Leipzig: Verlag von Veit & Comp. German, 148 pages. Reprinted in 1981 and 1990 in Die Schachwettkämpfe Lasker-Tarrasch 1908 und 1916 (Edition Olms, Zurich), also in 2009 and 2016 by the Jens-Erik Rudolph Verlag, Hamburg, and in 2021 by De Gruyter, Berlin/Boston. [WorldCat] [Online Version]
Introduction and correspondence leading up to the match, detailed game annotations, and 14 pages of match reviews and final considerations. An appendix of 24 pages examines various rook endgames with a distant passed pawn.

1909. Gunsberg, Isidor. Games Played in the World’s Championship Match, 1908, Lasker v. Tarrasch. Stroud: The Chess Amateur. English, 16 pages. Supplement issue no. 1 of the Chess Amateur. [WorldCat]

1911. Hoffer, Leopold. Lasker v. Schlechter. All Tournament and Match Games between these Masters up to and including the Championship Match, 1910. London: E.A. Michell and Frank Hollings. English, 34 pages. Reprinted in Hoffer, Four Famous Matches (E.A. Michell, London, 1911). [WorldCat] [Online Version]
Brief introduction and career overview, followed by all games prior to the match and the match games, with annotations by Hoffer.

1915. Kagan, Bernhard; von Bardeleben, Curt. 20 kurze Glanzpartien des Weltmeisters Dr. Emanuel Lasker. Hauptsächlich den Turnieren Hastings 1895, Nürnberg 1896, St. Petersburg 1896, 1909 u. 1914, London 1899, Paris 1900 u. Cambridge-Springs 1904, so wie dem Wettkampfe m. Dr. S. Tarrasch entnommen. Berlin: B. Kagan’s Verlag. German, 24 pages. Volume 1 (of 6) of the series 300 kurze Glanz-Partien, also published as a whole by Bernhard Kagan in 1916 (148 pages). [WorldCat]
Twenty brief victories by Lasker, lightly annotated by Curt von Badeleben.

1919. Kagan, Bernhard. Dreissig ausgewählte Schachpartiestellungen von Paul Morphy und Dr. Emanuel Lasker mit verschiedenen Gegnern gespielt. Berlin: Verlag B. Kagan. German, 16 pages. [WorldCat] [Online Version]
The critical phase, lightly annotated, of 15 games by Morphy and 15 games by Lasker.

1920. Mieses, Jacques. Die Weltmeisterschaft im Schach. Berlin: Verlag B. Kagan. German, 27 pages. Series V, issue 1/2 of Poesie des Schachs, edited by Bernhard Kagan (1917–1920). [WorldCat]
A discussion of the world championship situation and negotiations, in particular Lasker’s resignation of the title to Capablanca in June 1920. The booklet includes all pre-war tournament games between Lasker, Capablanca, and Rubinstein, with annotations. As a postscript, it gives the terms of the new match contract between Lasker and Capablanca from August 1920.

1921. [Goetz, Alphonse?]. Match Lasker-Capablanca pour le Championnat du Monde des échecs. Joué à La Havane en mars et avril 1921. Paris: La Stratégie. French, 22 pages. [WorldCat] [Online Version]
Overview of match conditions and all games with brief annotations by contemporary masters (mostly by Amos Burn from The Field and by Alphonse Goetz).

1921. Cassel, Hartwig; Capablanca, José Raúl. The World’s Championship Chess Match Played at Havana between Jose Raul Capablanca and Dr. Emanuel Lasker, 1921. New York: American Chess Bulletin. English, 39 pages. Reprinted in 1972 by Alfred Kalnājs & Son, Chicago, and in 1977 in World’s championship matches, 1921 and 1927 (Dover Publications, New York, 81 pages, with an introduction by Irving Chernev). Capablanca’s game annotations are also given on pages 108–125 of Géza Maróczy, London 1922, 21st Century Edition (Russell Enterprises, Milford, 2010 and 2015). [WorldCat]
Introduction, summary and portraits by Cassel. Game annotations by Capablanca.

1923. Grekov, Nikolay (ed.). Матч Ласкер-Капабланка за первенство в мире в 1921 г. С портр. обоих маэстро Избр. партии матча (Match Lasker-Kapablanka za pervenstvo v mire v 1921 g.). Moscow: Shakhmaty. Russian, 16 pages. Reprinted in 2011 (Shakh-Plyus, Minsk). [WorldCat]
An introduction to the match by Grekov, followed by translated articles of Réti (from Die neuen Ideen im Schachspiel) and Lasker (from Mein Wettkampf mit Capablanca) and five games from the match (with Lasker’s notes from the same source).

1925. Nederlandsch-Indischen Schaakbond. Ter herinnering aan het 10-jarig bestaan van den Ned. Ind. schaakbond, April 1915 – April 1925. Magelang: N.V. Stoomdrukkerij H.V. Maresch. Dutch, 209 pages. [WorldCat]
Pages 94–149 contain a lengthy biographical portrait “Dr. Emanuel Lasker” by Willem Nicolaas Dinger (1889–1946), supplemented with four full games and two game endings.

1935. Reinfeld, Fred; Fine, Reuben. Dr. Lasker’s Chess Career: Part I, 1889-1914. London: Printing-Craft; New York City: The Black Knight Press. English, 165 pages. Reprinted in 1965 as Lasker’s Greatest Chess Games 1889-1914 (Dover Publications, New York). [WorldCat]
Seventy-five annotated games plus a career overview and appreciations of Lasker by Kmoch, Nimzowitsch, Réti, Spielmann, Tartakower (translated from German). Volume II was never completed.

1936. Levidov, Mikhail. Стейниц, Ласкер (Steinitz, Lasker). Moscow: Zhurnalno-Gazetnoye Obyedinenye. Russian, 302 pages. Part 8/80 of the series Жизнь замечательных людей (Lives of Remarkable People). Reprinted in 2008 by Russian Chess House, Moscow. The part on Lasker was also reprinted separately in 1987, with a postscript by S. Dudakov (Blue and White, Jerusalem, 94 pages). [WorldCat]
Two literary biographies, with illustrations, by the Soviet playwright and journalist Mikhail Levidov (1891–1941). With a foreword by Nikolay Krylenko and a small games collection of 44 pages by Alexander Mikhailovich Iglitsky (1891–1964).

1944. Ellerman, Arnoldo. Capablanca y Lasker en el Campeonato del Mundo. Buenos Aires: Grabo. Spanish, 85 pages. [WorldCat]
Match book with all the games of the 1921 title match in Havana.

1947. Loose, Walter. Dr. Lasker. Das Schachphänomen. Düsseldorf: Caïssa. German, 32 pages. Volume 5 of “Caïssa’s kleine Schachreihe.” [WorldCat]
A small booklet with a mix of biographical text and selected games with annotations.

1948. Olavide, José E. Tres Genios del Ajedrez: Lasker, Capablanca, Alekhine. Madrid: Ricardo Aguilera. Spanish, 80 pages. Reprinted in 1957. [WorldCat]
A lightly annotated collection of all games played between Lasker, Capablanca, and Alekhine.

1950. Barcza, Gedeon. Lasker – Tarrasch (1908). Párosmérközés a világbajnokságért. Kecskemét: Magyar Sakkvilág. Hungarian, 18 pages. Italian translation 1967, with pictures and a biography: La sfida Lasker-Tarrasch (1908) per il campionato mondiale: studio di due stili (87 pages, Milan: L’Italia Scacchistica). [WorldCat]
A separate print of three articles, analysing the games of the Lasker-Tarrasch match, in the Magyar Sakkvilág, October, November, and December 1949 (pp. 241–244, 257–259, 283–284).

1951. Ralston, Henry James. William Steinitz – Emanuel Lasker, World Championship Match 1894. San Francisco: California Chess Reporter. English, 28 pages. [WorldCat] [Online Version]
Brief introduction and overview, followed by all games with very light annotations.

1952. Hannak, Jacques. Emanuel Lasker: Biographie eines Schachweltmeisters. Berlin-Frohnau: Siegfried Engelhardt. German, 315 pages. Improved reprints (1962, 1970, 1984) and an English translation (see below). [WorldCat]
Illustrated standard biography of Lasker by Jacques Hannak, who had started working on the book during World War II and in collaboration with Lasker’s widow Martha. Although at times inaccurate and overly solemn, it remains one of the most insightful books on Lasker and profited from the many first-hand memories Martha Lasker shared of her late husband.

1953. Coria, Valentín Fernández; Palau, Luis. Las Grandes Partidas de Emanuel Lasker. Buenos Aires: Editorial Sopena Argentina. Spanish, 147 pages. Second edition in 1960. [WorldCat]
Brief introduction and 84 annotated games by Lasker.

1955–1958. Gilchrist, James. Emanuel Lasker. Volume 1 and Volume 2. Nottingham: Ken Whyld. English, ca. 120+ ca. 100 pages. Reprinted in 1967/68 (The Chess Player, Nottingham). [WorldCat]
Volume 1 covers Lasker’s chess games during his period as a world champion (1894 to 1921), volume 2 the games before and after. The games are given in English descriptive notation, without any notes or diagrams. Volume 2 contains a brief introduction and outlook to a volume 3 (realized in 1976 by Ken Whyld, see below).

1956. Gallagher, George. Doctor Emanuel Lasker: A Psychobiography. Los Angeles: Occidental College, Eagle Rock. English, 261+xvii pages. [WorldCat]
(Unpublished) thesis, presented to the Faculty of the Department of Psychology.

1958. Wildhagen, Eduard (ed.); Rellstab, Ludwig. Weltgeschichte des Schachs. Lieferung 11: Dr. Emanuel Lasker. Hamburg: Verlag Dr. E. Wildhagen. German, ca. 320+26 pages. Volume 11 of the series “Weltgeschichte des Schachs.” [WorldCat]
Complete record of Lasker’s tournament games with diagrams every 5 moves but no annotations. 32 pages of biographical introduction, including various overviews, and a separate booklet with brief annotations by Ludwig Rellstab.

1959. Hannak, Jacques. Emanuel Lasker: The Life of a Chess Master. London: Andre Deutsch; New York: Simon and Schuster. English, 320 pages. Reprinted in 1991 by Dover Publications, New York. [WorldCat]
Translation, with adaptations and a postscript, by Heinrich Fraenkel (“Assiac”) of Hannak’s classic.

1960. Brandreth, Dale A. Lasker vs. Pillsbury. Miquon: Dale A. Brandreth. English, 66 pages. Reprinted in 1988 (Caissa Editions, Yorklyn). [WorldCat]
All fourteen games played between Pillsbury and Lasker, with detailed compilation of annotations, including introduction and portraits of the two antagonists. Spiral-bound.

1963. Zak, Vladimir. Ласкер [Lasker]. Moscow: Fizkultura i Sport. Russian, 198 pages. [WorldCat]
Fifty-nine games of Lasker with annotations, mixed with some biography, illustrations, and additional game fragments.

1964. Westberg, Jostein; Hörberg, Bengt. Emanuel Lasker: 75 utvalda partier med kommentarer samt biografi. Stockholm: Forum. Swedish, 128 pages. Part of the series “Schackspelets världsmästare.” [WorldCat]
Biography and games.

1970. Schroeder, James R. Eighth Match for the Chess Championship of the World 1908: Emanuel Lasker vs Siegbert Tarrasch. Dallas: Chess Digest. English, 35 pages. [WorldCat]
Thirteen pages of introduction and career overview, followed by all games with light annotations.

1972. Petrović, Slavko. Emanuel Lasker (1868–1941). Zagreb: Šahovska naklada. Croatian, 84 pages. A second edition was printed in 1986, with additional illustrations and a different layout (127 pages). [WorldCat]
Nine pages of biography, followed by 100 games with annotations.

1972. Schroeder, James R. Twelfth Match for the Chess Championship of the World: Capablanca vs Lasker 1921. Dallas: Chess Digest. English, 31 pages. Another edition in 1984 with viii+24 pages (James Schroeder, Cleveland). [WorldCat]
Introduction and career overview, including the three games between Lasker and Capablanca played in St. Petersburg 1914, followed by all fourteen match games with annotations, based on various contemporary sources.

1972. Schroeder, James R. World chess championship match, 1907 : Emanuel Lasker vs. Frank Marshall. Dallas: Chess Digest. English, 27 pages. [WorldCat]
With annotations by Tarrasch.

1972. Sillars, David R. Over Dr. Lasker’s shoulder. Chicago. English, 47 pages. [WorldCat]
“Bachelor’s paper, with frontispiece by Linda L. Phillips; Philosophical Psychology Program, New Collegiate Division, University of Chicago, March 8, 1972.”

1974. Kübel, Wolfgang. WM 1907. Arische Schachpsychologie: Aufsätze des Gelehrten Alfred Pfrang. Nuremberg: Erich Münster Verlag. Deutsch, 25 pages. [WorldCat]
Pages 1–6: The games of the Lasker vs. Marshall world championship match from 1907, with minimal notes based on contemporary sources. Pages 7–25: a reprint of three essays by Nazi chess journalist Alfred Pfrang, Munich, from the 1930s. There is no connection between the two parts of this booklet.

[ca. 1975]. De Feijter, Cornelis Jan. “Schaken: De ‘Lasker’-studie”. [Deventer: De Feijter]. Dutch, 7 pages. [not in WorldCat]
A typescript from the 1970s, examining Lasker’s famous rook and pawn endgame in its historical context as well as earlier and later studies with a similar theme.

[ca. 1975]. Kübel, Wolfgang. Aufsätze. [Cologne]. German [?], 38 pages. [WorldCat]
38 unnumbered pages, in the collection of the Cleveland Public Library, Ohio (shelf number GV1439.L3 K83 1940Z). “Collection of Biographical Essays about Emanuel Lasker. Item consists of ditto reproductions of previously published articles.”

1976. Whyld, Ken. Emanuel Lasker. Volume 3. Nottingham: The Chess Player. English, 104 pages. Volume 217 of the series “The Chess Player.” [WorldCat]
The continuation of Gilchrist’s two volumes (1955/58), with a brief introduction and 639 additional games (mostly offhand games). The three volumes were the starting point for Whyld’s 1998 collection of Lasker games.

1977–2011. Long, Bob. Lasker & His Contemporaries. Volumes 1 to 6. Davenport: Thinker’s Press. English, 36+49+46+53+64+72 pages. [WorldCat]
Six volumes of chess historical texts and reprints, with a focus on Lasker and other players of his day. Volume 6 was edited by John Hilbert.

1981. Vainshtein, Boris Samuilovich. Мыслитель [Myslitel; Thinker]. Moscow: Fizkultura i Sport. Russian, 286 pages. Italian translation 1994: Lasker, filosofia della lotta (Prisma Editori, Rome). Serbian translation 2006: Emanuel Lasker: Mislilac (Caissa Commerce, Belgrade). [WorldCat]
An illustrated biography of 109 pages, followed by a selection of 47 annotated games, 61 bare game scores with diagrams, and a results overview. This book is part of the “large Black series” of Soviet chess biographies.

1984. Schroeder, James R. 1894: Fifth Match for the Chess Championship of the World. William Steinitz vs. Emanuel Lasker. Cleveland: James R. Schroeder. English, 25 pages. [WorldCat]
One page quote from Lasker’s Chess Magazine 1906, followed by all games with light annotations by Schroeder.

1984–1988. Stigter, Jurgen. Emanuel Lasker: A Bibliography. Amsterdam: Stigter. English, 15 pages. Various editions. [WorldCat]
Typescript with a bibliography of Lasker’s writings, printed in multiple editions.

1986. Ribalow, Harold Uriel; Ribalow, Meir Z. The Great Jewish Chess Champions. New York: Hippocrene Books. English, 118 pages. Certain chapters have been reprinted from The Jew in American Sports. [WorldCat]
Pages 39–60: Biographical chapter Emanuel Lasker—Old Master. The other two masters featured in this book are Samuel Reshevsky and Bobby Fischer.

1990. Bjelica, Dimitrije; Blečić, Mihailo. Emanuel Lasker. Belgrade: Politika. Croatian, 119 pages. Volume 2 of the series “Biblioteka Kraljevi šaha.” [WorldCat]
Biography with selected games.

1990. Pliska, Karel. Přínos Emanuela Laskera světovému šachu. Frýdek-Místek: Pliska. Czech, 64 pages. [WorldCat]
A study of Lasker’s style and selected games, including a section with exercises.

1991. Linder, Isaak; Linder, Wladimir. Das Schachgenie Lasker. Berlin: Sportverlag. German, 281 pages. [WorldCat]
An illustrated biography of Lasker. The work was translated from the Russian by M. Hermann. The Russian text was not printed at the time (but see the two later books by the Linders from 2005).

1991. Nepomuceno, Miguel Angel. Lasker: el difícil camino hacia la gloria. Madrid: Ediciones Eseuve. Spanish, 368 pages. [WorldCat]
Detailed bibliography, tournament tables and 52 annotated games.

1993. Pytel, Krzysztof. Emanuel Lasker. Gorzów: Widawnictwo szachowe. Polish, 109 pages. [WorldCat]
Pages 3–27: biography, pp. 28–107: 54 very lightly annotated games and 1 study. Appendix with a dozen pictures.

1995. Hagemann, Tim. Schlechter versus Lasker: Der Weltmeisterschaftskampf 1910. Pfullingen: Promos-Verlag. German, 59 pages. Volume 2 of Tübinger Beiträge zum Thema Schach. [WorldCat]
Introduction and all games with annotations. No detailed study of the status of the tenth game is made. The author indicates that both players played for a win, with Lasker hoping to level the score and retain the title and Schlechter aiming to present himself as a worthy new world champion.

1995. Hoffmann, Kazimierz; Miler, Zbigniew. Król z Barlinka. Barlinek: Urzad Miasta i Gminy w Barlinku. Polish, 197 pages. [WorldCat]
Bibliography with illustrations and a 14-page appendix of selected game scores (without any notes). The book provided detailed information on Lasker’s roots and childhood in Berlinchen, nowadays Barlinek in Poland.

1995. Van Reek, Jan. Emanuel Lasker. Margraten: Stichting Eindspel (STES). Dutch, 88 pages. Part 3 of the series “Schaakspelers als eindspelkunstenaars.” [WorldCat]
Lasker as an endgame artist. See also Van Reek’s 1996 volume in German, Klassische Weltmeister. Schachspieler als Endspielkünstler. Teil 1: Steinitz und Vorläufer, Lasker, Capablanca, Aljechin und Euwe (Schachfirma Fruth, Unterhaching, 160 pages).

[ca. 1995]. Akhpatelov, Sergey; Gordon, Stephen. Emmanuel (sic) Lasker 1868–1941. Three Girls Publishing. English, 85 pages. Volume 2 of the “Champion Endgame Series.” [WorldCat]
Some 47 bare game fragments (with a diagram every five moves), of games won by Lasker in the endgame. No annotations.

1996. Whyld, Ken. Lasker the Composer. With best wishes for Christmas 1996 and the New Year 1997. Caistor, Lincoln: Ken Whyld. English, 14 pages. [WorldCat]
Yuletide greetings, with 32 chess compositions by Lasker (later also included in Whyld’s book of Lasker’s Collected Games).

1997. Kinzel, Alfred. Schachweltmeister Emanuel Lasker. Aufzeichnungen – Zusammengestellt von Alfred Kinzel (Ehrenpräsident des DSB). [Berlin]. German, 39 pages. [not in WorldCat] [Online Version]
A documentation (typescript) by honorary president Alfred Kinzel for the enlarged board of the German chess federation on Lasker’s career and especially his connections with Thyrow and Berlinchen (Barlinek), with various photocopies of earlier reports in the press.

1998. Soloviov, Sergey (ed.); Khalifman, Alexander. Emanuel Lasker. Vol. 1 (Games 1889–1903) and vol. 2 (Games 1904–1940). Sofia: Semko. English, 335+303 pages. A hardback edition was published in 2009 by Russian Chess House, Moscow (388+343 pages). The layout is different, but the contents seem identical. [WorldCat]
Lasker’s complete tournament games with Informant-style annotations.

1998. Varnusz, Egon. Emanuel Lasker. Volume 1: Games 1889-1907 & Volume 2: Games 1908-1941. Nürnberg: Schmidt Schach. English, 273+271 pages. [WorldCat]
Lasker’s complete tournament games with Informant-style annotations. In between, short biographical texts and tournament tables.

1998. Whyld, Ken. The Collected Games of Emanuel Lasker. Nottingham: The Chess Player. English, 229 pages. Volume 6 of the series “Masters of Chess.” A 12-page supplement was circulated by the author in August 1999, with 50 additional games and positions. Most or all of these had also appeared in the Chess History Quarterly. [WorldCat]
A collection of some 1390 bare games scores by Lasker (including offhand occasions and simultaneous exhibitions), plus problems and endgame studies composed by him. Also a first attempt to list all simultaneous exhibitions by Lasker.

1999. Thesing, Matthias. Zum mathematischen Werk von Emanuel Lasker. Münster: Westfälische Wilhelms-Universität. German, 41 pages. [not in WorldCat]
Master thesis in mathematics and computer science, examining Lasker’s mathematical work.

2000. Crouch, Colin. How to Defend in Chess: Learn from the World Champions. London: Everyman Chess. English, 224 pages. Second edition in 2007 by Gambit Publications, London. [WorldCat]
Part one (pp. 21–116) is devoted to a detailed study of ten Lasker games. The second half of the book is devoted to Petrosian.

2000. Holländer, Hans. Wildwechsel von Ideen über Wilhelm Steinitz und Emanuel Lasker. Seevetal: Meissenburg. German, 20 pages. Volume 18 of the series “Schach-Forschungen.” [WorldCat]
Included in Kotowski/Poldauf/Wagner, Emanuel Lasker (2003, see below), pp. 95–115.

2000. Meissenburg, Egbert. Emanuel Lasker: Zur Würdigung eines Schach-Weltmeisters. Seevetal: Meissenburg. German, 20 pages. Volume 19 of the series “Schach-Forschungen.” [WorldCat]
Biographical booklet, dealing with various select aspects of Lasker’s life, supported by numerous footnotes and sources.

2000. Meissenburg, Egbert. Emanuel Lasker als Philosoph (Eine präliminierende Kurzdarstellung). Seevetal: Meissenburg. German, 20 pages. Volume 17 of the series “Schach-Forschungen.” [WorldCat]
Extended version of a talk given on 3 May 1995 in Vienna at the conference on art, chess, and science, with numerous footnotes. Originally published in Rochade Europa, August 1996, pp. 81–82 and 84.

2001. Chiappini, Julio. Lasker: Biografía—30 partidas magistrales. Rosario: Editorial FAS. Spanish, 88 pages. [not in WorldCat]
Booklet with light notes on 30 Lasker games.

2001. Dreyer, Michael; Sieg, Ulrich (eds.). Emanuel Lasker: Schach, Philosophie, Wissenschaft. Berlin/Vienna: Philo-Verlag. German, 289 pages. Volume 28 of the series “Studien zur Geistesgeschichte.” [WorldCat]
A detailed scientific compendium with essays by Michael Dreyer, Ulrich Sieg, Ullrich Krause, Markus Lang, Tim Hagemann, Oliver Lembcke, and various documents by and on Lasker.

2003. Kasparov, Garry; Plisetsky, Dmitry. My Great Predecessors. Part I: Steinitz, Lasker, Capablanca, Alekhine. London: Everyman Chess. English, 464 pages. Further versions and translations in Russian, Spanish, Italian, German, Hungarian, Czech, and Esperanto. [WorldCat]
Chapter three (pp. 117–224) is devoted to the games of “Emanuel the Second.”

2003. Kotowski, Elke-Vera; Poldauf, Susanna; Wagner, Paul Werner (eds.). Emanuel Lasker: Homo ludens—homo politicus. Beiträge über sein Leben und Werk. Potsdam: Verlag für Berlin-Brandenburg. German, 256 pages. [WorldCat]
Proceedings of the Emanuel Lasker conference, held from 12 to 14 January 2001 in Potsdam, with biographical texts by Paul Werner Wagner, Michael Dreyer, Ulrich Sieg, Bernd Gräfrath, Oliver Lembcke, Tim Hagemann, Hans Holländer, Egbert Meissenburg, Helmut Pfleger, Wolfgang Unzicker, Robert Hübner, Michael Ehn, Henriëtte Reerink, Yuri Averbakh, Isaak Linder, Lothar Schmid, Kazimierz Hoffmann, Siegfried Augustat, Hans-Christian Wohlfarth, and Ernst Strouhal.

2003. Kramer, Jeff. The letters (1890-1940) of Emanuel Lasker (1868-1941). Whitehall: Manuscript Society. English, 77 pages. [WorldCat]
A typescript listing about one thousand letters by Lasker from his estate for sale (later bought by David DeLucia).

2004. Linder, Isaak. Сыграйте как Ласкер (Sygrayte kak Lasker; Play like Lasker). Moscow: AST/Astrel/Ermak. Russian, 159 pages. [WorldCat]
A tiny booklet with 100 exercises from Lasker’s games. Part of a series “Play like a champion”.

2005. Linder, Isaak; Linder, Vladimir. Ласкер: Философ на троне [Lasker: Filosof na trone]. Moscow: Ripol Klassik. Russian, 302 pages. [WorldCat]
Detailed chronological biography, interspersed with various games, positions, illustrations.

2005. Linder, Isaak; Linder, Vladimir. Эмануил Ласкер: Жизнь и игра [Emanuil Lasker: Zhizn i igra; Life and Games]. Moscow: AST/Astrel/Lyuks. Russian, 351 pages. English translation: Emanuel Lasker: 2nd World Chess Champion (Russell Enterprises, Milford). [WorldCat]
Detailed thematic biography, interspersed with various games, positions, illustrations. As the authors note in the preface, this book is an expanded version of the entry on Lasker in their 2000 book Koroli shakhmatnogo mira (Kings of the Chess World).

2005. Poldauf, Susanna; Saremba, Andreas; Demandt, Philipp (eds.). Das Lasker-Haus in Thyrow. Berlin: Emanuel Lasker Gesellschaft and Förderverein Lasker-Haus Thyrow. German, 36 pages. [WorldCat]
Illustrated documentation of Lasker’s summer house in Thyrow, with plans for renovation and texts on Lasker. With contributions by Viktor Kortschnoi, Paul Werner Wagner, Susanna Poldauf, Hans-Christian Wohlfarth, Andreas Saremba, Siegfried Augustat, and Hans Holländer. Ultimately, the funds necessary for preserving the house and turning it into a museum could not be found and the house was torn down.

2005. Soltis, Andrew. Why Lasker Matters. London: Batsford Publications. English, 320 pages. Reprinted in 2006 and 2016. [WorldCat]
One hundred Lasker games in chronological order, with detailed grandmaster annotations.

2008. Grondijs, Harrie. Four Endgame Studies by Emanuel Lasker: The unexplainable, the quadrilaterals and the Lascar. Rijswijk: Risjswijkse Uitgeverij Eigen Beheer (RUEB). English, 76 pages. A second enlarged edition (with textual revisions suggested by A.J. Roycroft) appeared later in the same year (92 pages, 25 signed and numbered copies). An eight-page supplement (“Two notes to the readers of…”) was distributed by the author in December 2008. [WorldCat]
A detailed examination of four endgame studies by Lasker, including their historic predecessors.

2008. Hübner, Robert. Der Weltmeisterschaftskampf Lasker – Steinitz 1894 und weitere Zweikämpfe Laskers. Berlin: Edition Marco, Verlag Arno Nickel. German, 235 pages. A second enlarged edition in 2018, with 272 pages, also included five additional annotated games against Janowski (1904 and 1909). [WorldCat]
Very detailed analysis, with plenty of sources, and some historical context of the 1894 match with Steinitz, but also selected games and notes on Lasker’s encounters with Bardeleben (1889), Mieses (1889/90), Bird (1890), Miniati (1890), Englisch (1890), Blackburne (1892), Bird (1892) and Showalter (1893), and 55 pages on Lasker’s match against Schlechter in 1910 (with analysis of games 5, 7, 9, 10).

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Large biography with essays by Wolfgang Angerstein, Jesús Bayolo Gonzalez, Ralf Binnewirtz, John Donaldson, Jürgen Fleck, Tony Gillam, Bernd Gräfrath, John Hilbert, Robert Hübner, Peter de Jong, Karl Kadletz, Wolfgang Kamm, Viktor Kortschnoi, Thomas Lemanczyk, Isaak Linder, Wladimir Linder, Tomasz Lissowski, Roberto Mayor Gutiérrez, Egbert Meissenburg, Michael Negele, Susanna Poldauf, Toni Preziuso, Joachim Rosenthal, Raj Tischbierek, Robert van de Velde, and Hans-Christian Wohlfarth. The volume also includes all tournament and match games by Lasker with annotations.

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Separate print of chapter 14 of Forster/Hansen/Negele, Emanuel Lasker: Denker, Weltenbuerger, Schachweltmeister (2009).

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Brochure by the Barlinek Culture Center and the local tourist bureau on Barlinek, including six illustrated pages on Lasker’s life and a historical walking tour through Barlinek.

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A small collection of lightly annotated Lasker games. Volume 1 of the series “The Chess Gangas of New York and London.”

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Separate print from the fifty-year anniversary publication Jan Hibma, Van Brouwerij tot Aardappelbeurs. 50 jaar schaken op Het Bildt: schaakclub Emanuel Lasker Sint Jacobiparochie 1961-2011 (2nd ed., 2011, 166 pages).

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One hundred Lasker games in thematic order and 24 exercises, with deep and instructive grandmaster analysis.

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A large collection of color reproductions of Lasker memorabilia, collected by David DeLucia over the decades (including many items from the estate of Emanuel and Martha Lasker).

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All match games with minimal, unsubstantial notes. Pages primarily filled by oversized diagrams.

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Detailed computer analysis of Lasker’s annotations in the St. Petersburg 1909 tournament book.

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With contributions by Johannes Fischer, Ullrich Krause, Michael Negele, Harry Schaack, Paul Werner Wagner, and Thomas Weischede.

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Forty-six games with detailed annotations and exercises for the reader.

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Biography with selected games.

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Trilogy with the most detailed and extensive biography of Emanuel Lasker and the subject of these Emanuel Lasker Online pages.
For further details see volume I, volume II, and volume III.

2019. Kingston, Taylor (ed.). Emanuel Lasker: A Reader. Milford: Russell Enterprises. English, 400 pages. [WorldCat]
A large collection of excerpts from Lasker’s writings, primarily on chess but also on philosophy. Some of the texts are tranlsated for the first time into English. The book includes various comments and notes by the editor as well as a chapter on Lasker and mathematics by Ingo Althöfer and a chapter on Lasca as well as quotes by others on Lasker.

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An illustrated booklet with texts on Lasker from various Russian periodicals in the period 1889 to 1895.

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Workbook with some biographical information and exercises.

2021. Welling, Gerard; Giddins, Steve. The Lasker Method to Improve in Chess. Alkmaar: New in Chess. English, 240 pages. [WorldCat]
A text and repertoire book for “modern-day club players,” modeled on games by Lasker.